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Scott G. May 1, 2015 8 Tips & Tricks

The all new galaxy s6 edge sticks on to the mountek magnets with no metal plate! Out of the box! 

Just wanted to let you guys know.


Hi Abdul, we're please to hear how well the Mountek CD car mount works with the new Galaxy S6 edge. Can you give us a little more information of you experience of how the 2 items work together, such as how firm the connection between the 2 is.

thanks and hope to hear back from you


The s6 edge is a beautiful phone and pretty resistant to breaking so i put no case on it. Mountek's magnets attract it enough to hold the phone with the weight of a charger plugged in. Not as much as the plate would hold, but enough to hold it comfortably. There seems to be metal in there right under the camera. It completes the raw experience of an s6 edge free of cases and stickers.


Brandon Andrzejewski March 21, 2014 6 Announcements

Hey Rob,

I just wanted to follow up with you and pass on some good news. While on a 4000 mile (round trip) drive we discovered some pretty neat things about your product. I had earlier expressed concerns over the metal badge blocking or absorbing the energy associated with Qi charging. As it turns out it seems phones that have built in wireless charging (only confirmed with Motorola Droid Mini, Maxx, and Google Nexus) can stick to the mount perfectly well without the badge! I would guess this is due to the coils associated with wireless charging but the phones seem to stick consistently well anywhere on their backs.

Potentially you already knew this as I recall reading something about a next gen product with integrated Qi charging. Looking forward to it, anyone I have shown the mount to has been very impressed and interested.


Nicolo Tibung November 14, 2012 3 Community Help

Originally from ticket #3645.

Does your MT5000 support this phone?

Hi Nicolo,

We've had numerous inquiries about the Galaxy Note 2, and YES it will accommodate that device. Simply remove the detachable support bar first (located at the bottom of the device clamp).

Warm Regards,

Team Mountek

Garry Willis November 14, 2012 1 Tips & Tricks

My Mountek MT5000-D came with two additional foam pieces, but I can't figure out why. When do I use them?

Garry W.

Hi Garry,

Good question. The padded strips in the box are optional. They can be used for thin phones (such as the iPhone 5), so the touch screen is flush with the mount's side arms. Simply stick the padded strips above and below the yellow sticker that reads "Hands Free" It's the Law. See the attached image below...

Miguel A. Frías May 28, 2012 Announcements

From: A. Frías 



I am interested in buying the MT5000-D universal. They could tell me if they
have a distributor in Spain?


Date and Time: Mon May 28 2012 14:59:02 MST

Hi Miguel,

At this time, we only offer our products for sale through various online channels, such as Amazon, eBay, and Mountek.com. Sorry, no distributor in Spain. But we always ship no later than the next business day after your purchase is made, so you can expect to receive your mount within 2-3 days! *International deliveries take approx 10-12 days.

Warm Regards,

Randy | Team Mountek

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